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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Figure Drawings #2

 Yet another batch of figure drawings.. took a while to upload since homework has finally started pilling up and time management is not really one of my forte. I should be practising my hands and feet (coming soon!) as i type this.. buuut I really want to keep track of how I'm developing in figure drawing, so here goes!  (apologies for crappy paper quality)

30 seconds gestures



1 Minute

3 Minutes

5 Minutes


So that's it. If I were to upload everything it'd be pretty repetitive and long t_t
My ideal time is definitely 3 minutes. after that I just get lost.

Anywhos, Good night and...

   have a creepy Halloween ! c:


  1. I love how dramatic your chosen poses for the portfolio are xD

    also, dat photo = perfection

    1. yes. dramatic. what I was going for. xD
      and thank you, we always look awesome, either while wearing masks, or dancing embarrassingly in public (dundas square), we constantly strive for perfection.