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Saturday, 15 December 2012

With Love~

Our final storyboard in class assignment consisted of

-having a character enter with a small box
-have him discover a bigger box
-the character attempts to hold the bigger box, struggles and eventually fails
-the character abandons the bigger box, and return to the smaller original box
-the character picks the original box and exists

The story must communicate the following:

  • What is your character's emotional state at the start? What is his/her relationship with the box?
  • When and how does the character discover the new box?
  • What is your character's motivation to switching to the new box? How does he/she relate to the new box?


This had to be done in class within two hours, so obviously it is kind of rushed towards the end.
John's motivation for switching back to the smaller box wasn't very clear but I guess I'll let the reader interpret it ...

what I was going for:
A gift's value is not measured by its size or popularity but by the amount of thought and love put into it.

Happy Holidays everybody! :D

A Bone Study ~

I kept debating wether or not I should put this up only because I wasn't particularly proud of this project, a lot of it is last minute work and most of it is unfinished.. it's a shame cause the concept was pretty cool 

Aaaand there is no ending. 
I managed to get a decent grade..somehow.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Figure Drawings #3

Chopstick & Ink- 1 min

I have not updated on figure drawings for a while now, mostly because I keep trying to change my style to whatever the requirements are in the program. I'm still having trouble adjusting to less angular lines and more cross contours, without it harming my control on proportions.. I also keep gesturing in big feet when I first start a drawing, so a lot of them will have awkward big feet that i did not fix.. Thurman calls them my duck feet.

And some gestures (30 sec to 1 min) ~

And here's a tribute to an inspirational artist, Milt Kahl