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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I first started painting this time last year. I've grown really fond of it and hope to develop my own unique technique and style someday...  
Anyways, here are two of my personal favourites from last year. 

'La Rue Pigalle' (2011).  Acrylics. 18x20  

'Morning Face' (2011). Acrylics, 10x15

Monday, 27 August 2012

Sheridan Animation Portfolio

I worked on my portfolio for Sheridan's Animation program after school with the Animation Portfolio Workshop (2010-2011). I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone aspiring to get into any animation school. Here is my successful portfolio c: (starting Animation at Sheridan this fall)

Animation Portfolio 2012 
Aya Akl

(I apologize for crappy scanning)

Life Drawings

Figure Drawings
20 minutes

5 minutes

5 seconds

Animal drawings

Hand drawings

 Character Design
Kookie, age 4

 Emotions sheets

 Character Rotation

 Action Sheets



Personal Artwork

Skull study

Charcoal Figure Drawing

Extra Figure Drawings

T-rex Bone study

Figure Gestures from 5 to 30 seconds

Character development...

The End. 

First blog post!

Hellooo there c: 
First Blog post. Let's post some old stuff !!

First Digital Artwork (2009) (from my old DA account)

Figure Drawings  (2010)

using figure and gesture drawing tool